Kalender 2024 - Manifest Your Dream


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Are you ready to make 2024 your best year ever? Do you want to attract more abundance, joy and success into your life? If so, then you need the Manifest Your Dream Year Planner by Nelly Castro!  This planner is more than just a calendar. It is a powerful tool to help you create your ideal reality. Inside you'll find beautiful illustrations and encouraging affirmations to inspire you every day. You'll find a vision board to visualise and manifest goals and dreams. 

The Manifest Your Dream Year Planner is your new best friend: formulate clear goals and focus on them. Track progress and celebrate your successes throughout the year: stay focused and motivated, express gratitude and cultivate a positive attitude.  Connect with your inner wisdom and intuition.    

 Don't wait any longer. Order your Manifest Your Dream Year Planner today and get ready to change your life!  


  • Made in Spain   
  • 12 months with illustrated hard cover   
  • 2 pages with stickers
  • Vision Boards
  • Double spiral
  • Sections for goals and notes
  • Weekly affirmations
  • Natural paper
  • Pink elastic band
  • Metallic gold foil embellishment
  • Size 16cm x 20cm

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