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Kinfill home care is designed to reduce single-use plastic. The cleaning concentrates are made to blend at home with tap water in a lasting bottle of Italian glass. All the serious cleaning power you’re looking for — without any of the harsh chemicals.

The Kinfill Full House Collection consists of the following cleaning products:

— Multi Surface Spray
— Glass & Mirror Spray
— Tub & Tile Spray
— Floor Cleaner

MaterialzusammensetzungEthoxylated alcohol, Alcohol ethoxylate propoxylate Alkyl amide ethoxylate, Octylglucoside Trisodium salt, Isopropyl alcohol, Bronopol, Citric Acid, Fragrance
Inhalt4 Glasflaschen (à 500 ml) + 4x 10ml Konzentrat
Besonderheitenfrei von: Palm-oil – Aluminium – Formaldehyde – Phthalate – Gluten – Mineral oils – Paraben – Silicone – Sodium Lauryl Sulphate – Sulphate – Toluene – Soap

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